Brisbane property market to increase 20% by 2023

 (Australian Financial Review, September 2020)

This article by the Australian Financial Review examines the nations property market and makes some bold forward projections through to 2023.

The article can be found here:

What did Rooftop find interesting:

The article points to lower interest rates and easy access to credit as driving factors for a surge in property prices post 2021.  It looks at the national market as a whole with a positive outlook and says Brisbane will be leading the charge with a 20% price increase. 
The rational for this increase is supported in the article by Westpac economists belief of further interest rate reductions.  The article also mentions that banks are carefully managing their COVID-19 impacts and this has been factored into the future market predictions.

Do you think low interest rates and easy access to finance are enough to spur a 20% increase in the Brisbane market over the next 3 years?
Are there other factors you see are relevant to this prediction that we should be considering and what is your market prediction for the end of 2023?

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