View from your Rooftop: With Luke Abraham of Aussie Home Loans Capalaba

 Luke Abraham of Aussie Home Loans Capalaba sat down with Rooftop to provide insights on the view around his neighborhood from his own Rooftop.

My name is Luke and, I am the owner of Aussie Home Loans Capalaba.
We deal with a variety of different customers, but I’d like to consider myself a first homeowner
specialist. Helping someone realise their dream of home ownership, has got to be one of the most
rewarding parts of my job.
My family and I are based in the Redlands (so yep, I’m a local) and my kids are quite young, so they
love the parks and recreation facilities, this beautiful area has to offer.

What area do you consider your local neighbourhood?

The Redlands! I love that I am bringing up my family here.

What do you love about your area?

One of the great things about living in this area, is that you get that small community feel but with
the added benefit of great infrastructure and you’re still close enough to Brisbane City.

What is one thing you would change about your region if you could?

The rates here are steeper than in other parts of the South East, all that infrastructure has to be paid
for somehow. Whilst it’s not a big detractor, it’s something you have to consider when you settle
down here.

What are some of your favourite local cafés or restaurants?

I have to give a shoutout to my business neighbours, SVL Bar in Capalaba Central shopping centre.
Hogan’s at Wellington point is my go-to place for a good old-fashioned pub meal which is more my
speed than a fancy restaurant.

What are some great activities that you enjoy in your area?

There are so many great things about this area, especially for me with young kids.
I love to take the family to Capalaba produce it’s like a mini farm with a café where you can even
pick up your pet food and fruit and veg.
Beth Boyd Park is a family favourite at Thornside, the kids love it there.
We love to feed the ducks at Ormiston park also.
Cleveland lighthouse is a great spot to take the family for fish and chips and watch the boats go past.
And of course, my personal favourite is having all the advantages of Stradbroke on your doorstep,
Straddy has so much to offer.

Are you involved with any local interest groups?

I am a Taekwondo instructor with Jim Brophy Australasian Taekwondo. I run junior classes and teach
kids groups of all ages from 8-17.
I have recently joined Redlands business community group and am looking forward to joining their
local Redlands Business network.

Are there any great locals we should get to know?

Moe at SVL Bar is a great bloke and loves a chat, go and say hello to him when you are in Capalaba
area and grab a great coffee.
Peter Kramer is a great local Redlands agent, one of the most honest guys I’ve ever met and I can’t
recommend him highly enough.
Gary Hassett a local agent in the Wakerley area, and is always my first point of call for local advice in
the Wakerley and Manly region.
Luke Muir is a Financial advisor in the Redlands area my go to guy for retirement and insurance
Liam Price is another Brisbane Financial advisor with a great wealth of knowledge for all things
wealth creation.

How do you use Rooftop?
Rooftop helps me to engage with my community, and gives me a platform to help out with my
finance experience and advice.
Everyone has heard a story from someone about how they should handle their property financing
and there is so much misinformation in the marketplace. I genuinely enjoy using my knowledge to
empower people to make great decisions.

What do you want everyone in your area to know about you?
I am a local, that gives honest advice to the benefit of my customer, for all things finance.
Phone: 07 3569 3888 

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